Location - Pedasí

Panama, with coasts on both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, has brought the world together since 1914 thanks to its Canal. This country is a tourist paradise for visitors the world over.

The historical province of Los Santos is located at the tip of the Azuero Peninsula on the Pacific coast, and it is home to the Pedasí District, one of the most picturesque and original places in the country. Here you can find world-renowned beaches ideal for surfing, such as El Arenal, El Toro, Los Destiladeros, and Venao, and world-class competitions have even been held in this area.

At Villa Marina Lodge you will experience the natural charms of the region, which is always open and generous towards all those who visit.


By air
By land
By sea

By Air

The easiest and fastest way to arrive in Playa Venao is by plane. From Panama City and its domestic airport—Marcos Gelabert, located in Albrook—Air Panama offers flights on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, arriving at Pedasí's Justiniano Montenegro Airport in 40 minutes.

By Land

If you are driving from Panama City, the trip can take around five hours, extending for 359 kilometers. The highway has been renovated and expanded, and upon arriving in the Los Santos area it is necessary to pay attention to the signs that point you to the beach, since you have to make a few turns while passing through the neighboring towns. It is a pleasant trip, not at all tiresome or complicated.

You can also take a bus from the Albrook Bus Terminal in Panama City to cities like Chitré and Los Santos, and make a connection from there with other private transportation vehicles headed for the beach.

By Sea

If you own a boat or a yacht in Panama City, you can also sail to Venao and dock on our private beach, and from there arrive at the hotel in your dinghy.