At Villa Marina Lodge, everything revolves around the beauty of the ocean and nature. The entertainment options we offer have something for everyone, and the surroundings are also ideal for relaxing with a good book. Follow your instincts and enjoy your stay... your way!

Water Sports

Surf rules around these parts, and you can ride the waves at your heart's content. We also offer deep sea diving and snorkeling, for you to discover the area's underwater beauty.


The waters of Panama's Pacific coast, especially around the Azuero Peninsula, are world renowned for the bountiful fishing opportunities they offer. We are happy to help you organize and prepare for an unforgettable excursion, either with friends or family.


From the whales on the horizon that visit the warm ocean for long periods throughout the year, to the turtles that make these beaches their home, all the natural charming flora and fauna will not cease to amaze you. You can organize trips to the magical Iguana or Coiba islands, both protected sites ready to be discovered.

The Panamanian Countryside

Picturesque, bucolic, close by… the towns and cities in the provinces of Los Santos and Coclé are ready to share their history, traditions, and charm with all visitors. You can choose between a "rum tour" through one of the region's most important distilleries in the town of Pesé, or visits to museums or historical sites such as Natá de los Caballeros, to know a little bit more about Panama while the beach awaits. And if you come during the carnival season—February or March—the cities of Las Tablas and Chitré will guarantee a memorable trip.


Nights are peaceful in this corner of the world. If a romantic dinner is your desire, our kitchen can adapt to your tastes and prepare something special. There are also several restaurant options in the neighboring resorts, along with beach bars to spend time among visitors and locals alike.